Against All Odds: A Child's Trials & Tribulations

By Ron Fulghum
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What is life like for children abandoned and unloved by their own parents and entrusted to the care of the state? In this chilling book, Ron Fulghum gives readers a first-hand look at the coldness, pain and outright brutality of growing up in state-run institutions. Fulghum describes in vivid detail how he and his brother were beaten and abused by the very people who were entrusted their lives. Against All Odds tells of their efforts to survive in an atmosphere where children were assaulted, girls were raped and both Fulghum brothers were beaten within an inch of their life. The author details how they were assured many times that things would change, only to see investigations swept under the rug and efforts at reform thwarted. Through the horrors, Fulghum tells of the people who touched their lives from kindly elderly folk who took care of them in a winter storm, to a police officer who took on a corrupt superintendent to the kind couple who sought to adopt them and influenced their lives for the better. This is a tale sure to raise up a cry of anguish in the readers heart and to truly appreciate how the Fulghum brothers survived Against All Odds.

About the Author

Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Ron Fulghum today resides in Washington, D.C. where he works as a senior estimator. He enjoys golf, weight lifting and nature walks. The father of three children, Fulghums desire to share his childhood experiences as a means of reaching out to others in pain and to let them know they are not alone inspired him to write this book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 116