Against All Odds

By Latavia Carter
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Against All Odds includes a variety of different poems about love and life. This book is unique because author Latavia Carter started writing it when she was a preteen, imagining, dreaming, wondering at such a young age and then writing about it. Later throughout the book you will see growth, as she is much older. She hopes readers take away some of her advices. Read these poems and understand the messages always.

About the Author

Latavia Carter has always had a passion for writing, ever since she was in elementary school. She used to daydream and thoughts would come to her mind. She took those thoughts and started writing them on paper, and she decided that she should turn these thoughts into poems. Her English teacher always told her she was a good writer, and she’s very detailed with her writing as well.

Writing has helped Latavia through a lot in life. She knows there’s some people in the world that can relate to some of the stuff she wrote, and she’s ready to share it with them. Hopefully they will read and see that someone understands, and hopefully this can help them.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 70