After I Told

By Omaira
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After I Told: Story of Unwavering Strength

Zemira is starting over in a new city with new people. But just as she begins to trust again and is enjoying her new life, she returns home to find a strange bag, hears sounds coming from her mother's room, and goes to investigate. When her mother Ava opens the door, standing behind her is Nelson-the abusive boyfriend they left behind.

The man she told her mother about and was not believed.

The man who hurt them both.

The man who disappeared, allowing them to have peace...

How could he be back?

Now, Zemira finds herself fighting for her life once more, only this time she is not a helpless little girl. She is tough; a survivor.

But when the friends and family she learned to trust betray her, who will come to her aid? A familiar face comes to mind-Minka, the woman who believed her and rescued her when nobody else could. But is she real? Years of gaslighting by her mother has tainted Zemira's mind, so perhaps only time will tell.

After I Told: Story of Unwavering Strength is a fast-paced story full of twists that are not anticipated. The third installment in the TOLD series, it brings everything together-the past and present; the truth and the lies. And it is going to take all of Zemira's unwavering strength to make it.

About the Author

Omaira lives in Philadelphia, PA, with her husband who is also her childhood sweetheart. She obtained her MBA from the University of Phoenix and works in the healthcare industry. She loves spending time with her children and grandchildren, and her hobbies include reading (anything and everything), writing, camping-or rather glamping-and vacationing in Jamaica whenever possible.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 292