African-American Heroes 1776-1919 The Story Of Sergeant Neadom Roberts

By Gilbert Wayne Hedgpeth, MHS, CAS, CS
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African-American Heroes 1776-1919: The Story Sergeant Neadom Roberts demonstrates the spirit and heroism of an African-American soldier’s patriotic deeds and determination to serve his country despite barriers of racism, segregation, oppression, and discrimination. He persevered onward in great sacrifice, yet records of his service have gone unrecognized, been diminished and forgotten. This book seeks to educate the reader to tell the individual and collective stories of these gallant heroes and bring to light their historical legacies.

The American democracy must include equality and opportunity for all its citizens without regard to their race, ethnicity, social-economic status and religion. The author hopes that readers of this book will enhance their knowledge and gain a renewed sense of pride and self-esteem about African-American heroes and their collective contributions to our beloved country.

About the Author

Gilbert Wayne Hedgpeth is an African-American investigative researcher and writer who was born and raised in the city of Trenton, New Jersey. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the College of New Jersey, formerly Trenton State College, and his master’s degree in human services from Lincoln University, Oxford, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Hedgpeth retired from the New Jersey State Department of Corrections in 2007, where he served as the Assistant Division Director of the office of Programs and Community Services. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32