Aegis: Eternity's Eye

By Lucian Nife
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Strange and wicked happenings are about as increasing reports of people "vanishing" sweep a world that has become comfortable.

Arias, a product of that comfort, finds himself in the middle of these strange occurrences. When his sister becomes the latest victim of these disappearances, he ends up allying with a shadowy organization that promises to bring everyone back home. 

Celeste sits at the high table of an organization that follows the whims of eleven elusive deities. It is from their whisper that she receives specific orders on how to govern her people. When the vanishings reach her doorstep, she is given the impossible task of both finding and retrieving everyone that has been taken.

About the Author

Lucian Nife is looking to shake up the world of fantasy fiction and how it is presented with love, life, and color. He's studied business, law, theology, and poetry. Readers can expect all of those aspects within the Aegis universe that he has crafted. The first step in this literary journey is Aegis: Eternity's Eye. It is both the introduction and guide for the entire series. Follow Lucian's socials to see recent updates, the beautiful illustrations of his story's characters and world, or simply say hello.

"I don't want people to be intimidated by the epic nature of fantasy fiction, so I'll drop them into the story and let the narrative do its own work. By the time the pages come to an end, they'll have gotten the gist of what's going on and where things are headed in a rewarding way." 

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 214