Adventures Of Xango James

By Phaza Marie
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Adventures of Xango James

Adventures of Xango James is about a Pit Bull name Xango and how he loses his best friend Louie in a dog park. This story shows how lovable dogs can be, and that if you need help, it’s okay to ask for it. This tells the story of a lovable Pit Bull, an often unfairly maligned breed. Hopefully readers will find that Pit Bulls aren’t as bad as people say or what society shows us. All the author knows is that her Pit Bull loves to play, go outside, go for walks, enjoys eating and sleeping, hug, and kisses. Hopefully this book and future books show this message.

About the Author

Phaza Tucker’s hobbies are taking her dogs to the trails or dog parks, drawing, writing, and reading. Her special interests are listening to music and drawing. She comes from a loving family, a big family at that. Even though she’s the only child on her mom’s side, Phaza has many great aunts and uncles. Phaza’s professional information comes straight from home. Tucker actually does have a Pit Bull named Xango James, and he’s just as curious and loving as depicted in the book.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 36