Adventures Of Jake And Me

By Skip Miller
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Adventures of Jake and Me is a thrilling collection of stories about one man and his faithful canine partner. Jake is an energetic and adventurous German Shepard, and his human is an equally loyal and daring firefighter. Together they fight forest fires, solve the mystery of a mountain cave, and even save a life. Join them on this tale of bravery, adventure, and friendship!

About the Author

Skip Miller was born in Las Vegas, NV when it was still the Wild West with Cowboys and rattlesnakes. As a boy scout, Skip camped in the mountains around lake Mead and in the desert. He enlisted in the army in 1966 and was in Vietnam in Hue during Tet offensive. He was awarded the bronze star and air medal for so many combat missions. After three years of service, he became a civilian. In 1970, he joined the Clark County fire department. In the 80s, he fought the MGM fire, the Hilton fire, and the Pepcon blast. Skip has travelled to every state including Hawaii many times. Skip is grateful for all the opportunities he has had and loves his life.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 122