Advance And Enrich

By Robert P. Palechek, Ph.D
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Just like the old saying, “There is no one way to learn,” author Robert P. Palechek, Ph.D. challenges the traditional structure of a “corporate ladder.” Advance and Enrich explores the phenomena of how an individual advances their careers through a diagonally-shaped path that contrasts with the traditional idea of a vertical ladder.

Advance and Enrich focuses on three levels to the diagonally-shaped model: a new hire training for their specific job position; then advancing from inexperience to becoming a highly valued member of the work group who begins to understand how to manage others; and, finally, moving upwards in the organization with expanding profession status. Additionally, through each step, Palechek points out each level of development where an individual may exit while in their respective position.

With Advance and Enrich, Palechek has designed a model to assist anyone who has the responsibility to train, manage, or lead members of an organization by identifying the different phases of organizational membership an individual experiences.

About the Author

Robert P. Palechek, Ph.D. is married to Anna. Together, they have three children: Robert, Emily, and Amelia.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 108