Absolutes And Infinity In Our Physical Universe: Believers Rejoice; Nonbelievers Beware

By Carlton Andrews Lane
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About the Book

How do we know what is right and true in our physical universe? Certainly, there are things we can feel and experience, but are we limited to those things? In his book, Absolutes and Infinity in Our Physical Universe, author Carlton Andrews Lane sets out to help the reader gain an understanding of the concept of infinity and the absolutes of physics, using grade school mathematics. He believes that we can see or understand our universe better if we do not let the infinitude of either rationality or irrationality overwhelm us, or let either keep us from the wonders of the other. With this basic understanding, we can come to recognize the existence of an infinite god and the implications of this infinite power.

Lane believes that understanding can provide great hope to humanity, as an infinite god can know that the best is yet to come, and an infinite god has the infinite power that may include seeing that we all get to enjoy the bestno matter how long it is in coming.

About the Author

A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, Carlton Andrews Lane is a retired professor who now lives in Kamuela, Hawaii. He earned his bachelors degree from the Worceser Polytechnic Institute, his masters degree in nuclear physics from Brown University, and his doctoral degree in theoretical physics from Brown University. Lane is an active member of Sigma Xi, as well as a past member of the South Eastern Section American Physical Society and the Mathematical Association of America. In his community, Lane enjoys the West Hawaii Astronomy Club, and he is a contributor to the Keck Observatory Hawaii-Observatory lunch lecture series. He regularly makes contributions to the Keck Hawaii-Observatory public lecture series.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 76