Absentee Dads! – Can Their Children Break The Cycle?

By I. L. Lorrie
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Absentee Dads! Can their children break the cycle?

The developed world is facing a new and pervasive problemabsentee dads. Children, specifically boys, who grow up without a father figure face many more obstacles than their counterparts whose fathers are present. These father-absents lack positive male role models and must look to their mothers for both a masculine and feminine influencea role that many are not able to play well especially considering the added stress of single parenthood.

I.L. Lorrie examines the trends in the developed world, postulates three hypothetical, but extremely common, case studies, and discusses possible solutions to this growing concern. Much can be done to improve the quality of life and the emotional development of father-absents, and if the unfortunate children in these situations can be taught to cope effectively, they have a much greater chance of breaking the cycle and participating in happy, healthy families as present parents.

About the Author

I.L. Lorrie lives and works in Brodheadsville in eastern Pennsylvania. She is a people person who has a three-pronged approach to daily living: spirituality, education, and giving back. Spirituality serves as the foundation of her life; it keeps her grounded and gives her a guide for decision making. She is passionate about educating herself by reading and encourages others to do the same. Giving back and making a difference gives her the greatest reward that anyone can ever earnthe gratitude of those she has helped. She loves jazz and R&B, Broadway shows, and tennis and basketball.

Lorrie has an Associates Degree in computer information services and a Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts (minor in Sociology) from the College of New Rochelle. She is currently working on a Masters Degree in Communication Arts at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).

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Published: 2015
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