A Word In Season

By Michael O. Eyueye, assisted Toyin Salako
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Words are powerful. They have the ability to change your life. Words can be used to define ourselves, our way of life, and the world around us, and can impact every move we make and our perception of the universe and our place in it. Words are mighty. They can transform anger into peace, hatred into love, confusion into understanding. Words can bring joy to the heart of true believers and help the unanointed see with new eyes.

Throughout A Word in Season, Pastor Michael O. Efueye uses the Word of the Lord in an effort to bring the Truth to one and all. This welcoming text is seasoned with faith, energy, and hope, and shares with one and all an intense spiritual depth. A Word in Season has the ability to allow us to transform our lives.

Pastor O, as Michael is lovingly called, has experienced the same traps, confusion, and heartaches as most men. Satan has fiercely attacked this man of God and attempted to lead him down another path. Because of this, the good pastor knows from whence he speaks, and his words are mighty in the power, faith, and love of the Lord.

Words are compelling. Words are enlivening. And A Word in Season can be used to transform your life in strong and beautiful ways. Michael O. Efueye invites you to share in the Word of God and define your own life.

About the Author

As a full-time Christian Minister of the Gospel at House on the Rock, London, some of the topics dealt with by Michael O. Efueye in the book have been subjects of his previous sermons. They are thoughts and ideas that have deeply affected Michael and those around him.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 64