A Waterfall Challenge: 100 Waterfalls Within A 100-Mile Radius Anywhere In The World : My Quest Starts In Loudon, Tennessee

By Terry Wilks
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There are so many wonderful places to hike in Tennessee and so many waterfalls! The “100 Waterfalls within a 100-Mile Radius” challenge is your guidebook for accomplishing the quest to see one hundred waterfalls! 

This book comes complete with photographs that readers can use to verify waterfalls as they complete their quest and information on the surrounding scenic areas.

As a rock climber for more than twenty-four years, Terry captured beautiful footage as he completed the quest. As a supplement to this guidebook, readers can access Terry Wilks’ videos by emailing TW100Waterfalls@gmail.com. An example video is available on YouTube. 

Readers who accomplish the quest can contact Wilks to receive a Certificate Of Accomplishment.

About the Author

The movement of water has always amazed Terry Wilks. As a kid, he spun around on many Michigan lakes in his own personalized painted inner tube. 

He swam in Ocqueoc Falls… went behind Tahquamenon Falls and under Lower Tahquamenon Falls… canoed the AuSable River, even in the winter, as mini icebergs floated along… paddled his kayak to a campsite on the river and watched paddlers in the AuSable River Canoe Marathon race go by… took a raft down multiple white-water rivers in the Eastern and Southern U.S… and hitchhiked to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park a few times in his mid-twenties.

Wilks belongs to the Smoky Mountain Hiking Club and the TV Hikers Club. He took up rock climbing and white-water kayaking and became a rock-climbing instructor with an outdoor club called Solar. He paddled and climbed in the Midwest, East, and South United States and also Canada. He took white water kayak lessons and eventually taught some of those classes. He kayaked the Delhi Rapids in Ann Arbor and paddled in the Detroit River into Canada. He also belongs to the Soggy Bottoms kayak club and continues to lead kayaking trips with the club.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 272