A Vertical And Horizontal Framework For Innovative Teaching

By Hassan Sabere Ed. Spec
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A Vertical and Horizontal Framework for Innovative Teaching

In A Vertical and Horizontal Framework for Innovative Teaching, Mr. Sabere provides a step-by-step blueprint - prescribing what, when, and how best teaching practices can be applied in order to lead to excellence in teaching and learning. When applied consistently, this book and its principles will enable educators and parents to effectively carry out the important task of teaching a new generation of learners.

About the Author

Mr. Sabere has proudly practiced teaching both in the US and internationally, interacting with the many diverse student populations that this entails. These experiences have endowed him with a deep understanding of how parents, teachers, and education leaders can productively manage the learning experiences of their twenty-first century learners.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 156