A Twisted Tail Of Infamy

By Juan Jesus Valdez
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At an early age, Juan Jesus Valdez has to learn how to fight to survive. With two older brothers at home constantly punching and taunting him, he eventually learned to fend off their attacks by educating himself in both mind and body in self-defense mechanisms. These years of fighting and learning led Juan down a brutal path, from attacks at a naval base by other sailors to his home biker gang tossing threats his way when refusing to commit. Juan has led a life few have traveled down, and he persevered through his most challenging moments to find success in education, career, and love. His story is proof that different and varied life experiences can turn a boy into a man, and a successful one at that.

About the Author

Juan Jesus Valdez enjoys writing short stories and posting them on social media. He also enjoys woodworking, horses, and saving homeless dogs.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 120