A Tree Grows In The Silo

By Brenda M. Halstead
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Loki, a young gosling, has a terrible secret to confide to his father: he is afraid of the water and does not think he will ever be able to learn how to swim. How can he possibly overcome his fear? Thor, Lokis father, shares a story that his own father used to encourage him to face new experiences. He tells Loki of a determined maple tree that has grown and thrived in the most unlikely place inside of an old silo. Loki finally understands that with the love and support of his family, he can accomplish anything he wants to do. A Tree Grows in the Silo is a charming fable that offers an important lesson for both children and adults. This tale is to touch the heart and spirit of any reader, and it reminds us all of what we are capable with the assistance and encouragement of family and friends.

About the Author

Brenda M. Halstead, a native of Middletown, New York, currently resides in Georgia with her husband, Jim and their two sons, James William and Matthew Douglas. She was active in the Boy Scouts of America for many years. She is presently employed as a nurse. A Tree Grows in the Silo is Ms. Halsteads first published childrens book. Her poetry has previously been published in various anthologies. When she is not writing, the author enjoys sewing, the outdoors, making candles, and helping her family to care for an assortment of animals.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 30