A Tomato Warning!

By Grandpa Stan
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A TOMATO WARNING! starts out as the first real experience of a two-year-old with a tornado warning. What is initially very scary to little ones turns into a lesson about storms and how they could help. This story calms children’s fears and reminds them that many good things can result from nature’s occurrences.

The story was born out of the author’s just-turned-two grandson and his advanced verbal skills but quirkiness with words. Children reading the book can learn the immediate effects of heavy, scary wind and rain and the long-term benefit of feeding their family and the world.

About the Author

Grandpa Stan has spent 40+ years in newspaper circulation sales and promotion and recently with fundraising efforts, including a local nonprofit raising money to build a no-kill pet shelter and a national organization helping veterans in need.

Grandpa Stan is fascinated with and inspired by his grandson Caleb. Adopted by his daughter Caryn and son-in-law Keith, Caleb is a miracle to Grandpa Stan, who loves to observe his grandson at play and listen to his perspective on life and the world. Going fishing with Caleb is always a treat, whether it's going after big, big bluegills or just counting the sailboats going by.

He would also like to extend a special thanks to his wife Grandma Kathy for inspiring the artwork in the book.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 30