A Thread Of Faith

By Debbie Hebron
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A Thread of Faith is a story of the author’s life as she lived to God. It is about all that was asked of her. It is a reflection of what is asked of all those he knows. This book includes prophecy and is unique in that it has never journeyed home from a woman before. No one has ever survived the journey. The hope is that those who read this book will understand what God is asking of them. The hope that people will understand all that it was from 9/11 and Holy War in the light before God.

About the Author

Debbie Hebron is a Catholic American and married mother of three. Nothing matters more to her than family and faith. She enjoys ballroom dancing, which has helped heal the neurological damage caused by a car accident. She also loves gardening. Hebron has a BA from the University of Connecticut. She has spent many years helping in the community with the food pantry, a local soup kitchen, and Interfaith hospitality network.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 138