A Tao For Now: The Music Of Lao-Tsu

By Michael Alexander Strauss
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“The Tao does not fit into words or teaching, yet it seems we can help each other in realizing the subtle order of The Universe. Many words have been written. The poetry of Lao-Tsu has long served as a guide to understanding the Tao—that underlying reality beyond time and space and matter which we can experience in our lives. Michael Strauss has provocatively, helpfully woven ideas of modern philosophers, scientists, poets with our culture’s memes into a free-flowing, meditative, accessible contact with the wisdom and music of Lao-Tsu. A friend reading A Tao for Now remarked ‘This is good stuff.’ It is.”

Reverend Bryant Brown

Unitarian Universalist Minister

Thomas Paine

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

A Tao for Now: The Music of Lao-Tsu is a fresh approach to an ancient wisdom. You will find ideas from many great thinkers in these pages. Spinoza, Buber, Shakespeare, Einstein, Wallace Stevens, William Blake, T. S. Eliot and others are woven into the texture of these 85 poems inspired by the ever-living teacher, Lao-Tsu.

About the Author

Michael Alexander Strauss is a graduate of Yale and has had a distinguished performance career on the viola. He reads eclectically, writes poems, essays and memoir, and his string students excel at every level.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 106