A Survival Guide For New Teachers

By Dr. Cynthia Sanders-Mack
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A Survival Guide for New Teachers is about how new teachers can effectively navigate through the many challenges they will face during their first year as instructors. Dr. Cynthia Sanders-Mack uses her own experiences and practical advice based on over 40 years as an educator. The message is relevant because there are many teachers leaving the profession and this book is a way to address teacher retention in this nation. Many teachers need a book of this nature because there is an urgent need for support of this nature to empower them to address the many expectations of the educational profession.

About the Author

Dr. Cynthia Sanders-Mack is a member of Brookland Baptist church where she enjoys being a member of the Congregational Care Ministries. She supports many philanthropic organizations that provide help to the less fortunate. She enjoys interior decorating, reading, playing the piano, shopping and spending time with family and friends. Her family consists of her husband, one brother and two sisters. Her parents are deceased along with four deceased sisters and one deceased brother. Sanders-Mack has four stepchildren and many nieces, nephews, and cousins. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Sorority, Inc,. Phi Delta Kappa, and National Council for Social Studies and South Carolina Council for Social Studies.

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A Survival Guide for New Teachers is a must have for all new teachers. I was able
to relate to each chapter of your book. Reading the information from another
person’s perspective is wonderful.”
-Malissa Wright, Art Instructor

A Survival Guide for New Teachers by Dr. Cynthia Sanders-Mack is concise and
apropos. She starts out with an incredible prayer for teachers, and she lays out a
clear road map in the seven chapters to assist new teachers in becoming effective
-Gladys V. Moss, Educator

"I feel that this book would be very beneficial to first year and beyond teachers. It gives very clear and precise instructions on how to first and foremost manage your classroom, so that it will be conducive to learning. It also gives teachers insight into the importance of planning, and a wide variety of strategies to use in the delivery of the lessons being taught, and how to reach students where they are intellectually. The book also gives specific details and pointers to teachers as to how they can prepare their students to be lifelong learners and to be productive citizens as a whole. The author displays a wealth of knowledge with her forty plus years of experience. The author has covered all levels of the educational process from elementary to high school. I had the pleasure to work with this remarkable and dedicated educator who goes above and beyond duties of the classroom when it comes to her students. I feel that this book A Survival Guide For New Teachers is a must read for all teacher and I rate it a 10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. Well done Dr. Cynthia Sanders-Mack!"
-Pharita P. Butler Malissa Wright, Art Instructor

Published: 2022
Page Count: 48