A Stranger In Papa Ben's Cabin

By Michelle Tangen
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When someone close to them vanishes, Arlington Maine Detectives Corey Banks and Sean McDonald travel to Vermont to investigate the disappearance. For both men, for two very different reasons, this case is personal.

Though Corey was initially hesitant to work with Sean, A Stranger in Papa Ben's Cabin sees a friendship further develop between the two detectives as they work to solve this unusual case. Featuring a secondary character from Tangen’s first book, A Stranger on Ghost Beach, this story also touches on the issues of homophobia, drinking and driving, and the main character’s depression spurred by a sudden tragic loss years earlier.

About the Author

Michelle Tangen is a 1979 graduate of Triton Regional High School in Byfield, Massachusetts, her childhood hometown. She is also a 2020 graduate of Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with an associate degree in Business Management. She has worked as a Nursing Assistant for forty-five years.

Tangen has three daughters and three granddaughters. She is currently a resident of Rochester, New Hampshire. She enjoys reading, writing, watching movies (especially musicals), solving puzzles of all sorts, hiking, and small mountain climbing when time allows.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 106