A Special Place

By Bruce Sinnott
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About the Book

Why do you do the things you do every day? Eddie was a happy little beaver who loved to swim, play, and eat. But one question always bothered Eddie: why do beavers build dams and make ponds? He set out on a quest for the answer to his question. He asked everyone he knew around the pond: Mother Duck, Mr. Trout, Joe Otter, Mr. Frog, and Mr. Turtle. But none of their answers seemed right. Will Eddie ever find out why he, as a beaver, is supposed to build dams and make ponds? Read A Special Place by Bruce Sinnott to find out.

About the Author

A native of Washington state, Bruce Sinnott enjoys the outdoors; hunting, fishing, archery, personal fitness, golf, and gardening. He also plays the guitar. A Special Place is Bruce Sinnotts first published work.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32