A Single Parent's Guide To Enjoying The Holidays

By Ms. Johnson
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The holidays are a time when family intimacy is promoted and even marketed – but the idyllic advertisements of the holiday season rarely match the experience of single parents. The season can leave some feeling stressed, inadequate, disenfranchised, and even isolated. As difficult as it is to manage a household as a single adult, there is beauty that other families don’t get to experience in the same capacity.

In this book, a single parent passes on the wisdom gained from experiences raising children. The main message is that altering your outlook on the holiday responsibility can make a big difference in personal and domestic well-being and happiness during the season.

About the Author

Ms. Johnson is an African-American native of Colorado. She has spent twenty-five years in state government focusing on supporting low socio-economic populations. She is a single mother of two daughters and is on a mission to inspire other single parents on the turbulent path of parenthood through positivity.

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Published: 2020
Page Count: 44