A Simpler Time: Growing Up Before Computers

By Douglas Souris
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Douglas Souris shares his experiences growing up and living in different areas of the country, but mostly regales us with stories about his time in Parsons, West Virginia. Back when kids were outside from dawn until dusk, roamed the neighborhood with friends, and drank from the water hose. Take a trip back in time, when life was simple.

About the Author

Douglas Souris grew up in the 60s and carried the morals of that generation into his professional life working in both paid positions and volunteer positions in health care. While he is currently retired, he is still interested in the EMS field and the changes that are currently taking place in it.

Souris enjoys being retired and having more time to spend with his wife and dog. Being involved with scouting in his youth developed his love of the outdoors, which has continued in adulthood. He has rekindled his love of photography—mostly nature photos—and taking walks in the outdoors.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 88