A Silent Cry

By Pearla Gillespie Harvey
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Its easy for anyone to feel isolated and alone, especially when we feel confused or embarrassed by the experiences we have. Sometimes those we should trust most are the ones who do us harm and sometimes those we turn to for help surprise us by turning away. When this happens, we learn to distrust others and even ourselves. These are the heart-wrenching realities facing a young woman named Clair in the pages of A Silent Cry. Enduring sexual abuse at a young age, as well as other personal abuses throughout her life, Clair must struggle with the difficult realization that her family is not a source of safety and security for her. These traumas teach her to feel different, victimized, and defenseless, even into her adult years, and the result is severe depression. Afraid to trust anyone yet afraid of turning them away, Clair eventually reaches out to the counsel of a caring aunt, who tries to show her an alternative to her lonely life through faith in God and finding peace within herself. The story of Clairs strong will to move forward, and her aunts sincere words and guidance, offers hope for those experiencing similar personal dilemmas, as well as inspiration to those who can reach out to help a loved one through unimaginable difficulties in life.

About the Author

Pearla Gillespie Harvey is self-employed as a candlemaker while pursuing her bachelors degree in pastoral care. She and her husband, John, reside in South Carolina, where Pearla is also CEO of the nonprofit organization Community First, an outreach program for at-risk teens and young adults.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 27