A Short Story Of Women's Self-Esteem, My Life, & Positive Motivation

By Chislene Lora
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A Short Story of Women’s Self-Esteem, My Life, & Positive Motivations

About the Book

In this memoir, author Chislene Lora shares stories and insights from her experiences of trauma, pain, and courage. Lora identifies root causes of low self-esteem, how it reveals itself in unhealthy relationships, and strategies to overcome it. She reflects on childhood memories, reveals how they shaped her, and describes how learning from hardship has led to a life of purpose and fulfillment. She wrote her story to inspire women to believe in themselves, face their demons, and persevere to achieve their dreams.

About the Author

Chislene Lora is passionate about motivating women towards healthy self-esteem through positive thinking and self-care. She holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling and is currently pursuing a PhD in psychology and mental health. The child of U.S. immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Lora was born, raised, and lives in New York City. She is the mother of two adult children and one child. She regularly reads the Bible and attends church and enjoys watching movies with her family and helping people any way she can.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 38