A Secret Lies In New Orleans

By Ron Wallace
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About the Book

Finalist for the 2022 Oklahoma Book Awards

When 96-year-old retired U.S. Marshal and co-founder of Cowboys and Indians Detective Agency, William Matthew Wallace, receives a painting signed by his long-dead father in the mail from his former colleague living in New Orleans, an eight-decades-old family mystery unravels, and his son and godson are sent to investigate the circumstances for him. From pre-statehood Oklahoma into the turn of the twenty-first century, the family’s secrets are brought to light as a modern crime evolves from the past.

About the Author

Ron Wallace is an Oklahoma native and currently an adjunct instructor of English at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, in Durant, Oklahoma, where he was born and raised. His father served as a police officer there, rising to the rank of captain. He is the author of ten books of poetry, five of which have been finalists in the Oklahoma Book Awards with Renegade and Other Poems winning the 2018 Oklahoma Book Award. Influenced by the styles of Robert B. Parker, Peter Bowen, and James Lee Burke, his novel, A Secret Lies in New Orleans is the prize-winning poet’s first venture into prose, although a second book is nearing completion.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 358

Customer Reviews

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Steve S.
A Secret Lies in New Orleans

There are good books, and their are great books. This one is the latter. Fun reading. Smart. Witty.

A Secret Lies in New Orleans

My Father has read every Western and mystery in existence. Loves the genres. I have bought him books every Christmas for as long as I can remember. This is the ONLY one he has ever requested more from by the same author.
High praise.

A Secret Lies in New Orleans

I stayed up all night reading until I finished. A book has to really grab me for me not to be able to put it down!! This book ate with me, took a bath with me . We were inseparable. Don't miss it.

Texas Okie
A Secret Lies in New Orleans

This a well written excellent first time venture and well worth your time. I highly, highly recommend it.

A Secret Lies in New Orleans

My favorite book of the last year, awesome, gotta have a sequel.