A Ride Through Heaven's Ranch

By Kody D. Kind
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A Ride Through Heaven’s Ranch is a book for those who don't find "life's answers" from a church pew or in a crowd. This compelling tale is for those who find the lessons in life from things that do not speak until you listen to them. The interesting part of this story is that every bit of this can apply to the readers, despite their actual location and view. The message is that all of life is a gift- do not ruin it, instead enjoy and treasure every gift given.

About the Author

Kody D. Kind was born in Kansas, where he currently resides with his wife. They are a part of a small township where they happily live where his grandparents once lived. They now own and operate the family ranch, and his hobbies include breaking colts, and checking cattle. He also has an interest in the great questions of philosophy, religion, and foretelling.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 38