A Report On Quibnoida

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Written & Illustrated by Timothy M. McCliggott When their over-industrialized planet of Tooskull gets too polluted, the Tooskullians find another. But before they can move to it, they need a full-scale report on Quibnoida, the new planet. The report is immensely complicated by the amazingly diverse flora and fauna of Quibnoida and the surprise it has in store for them. These pages are wonderfully enlivened by illustrations of Quibnoidian creatures in their natural habitats. The young adult reader will find them fascinating, indeed.

About the Author

A native of Michigan, where he attended Delta College and the Michigan State University, Timothy M. McCliggott now lives in Wisconsin. Like so many other writers, he has held many occupations, including being an Insurance Agent and a Youth Counselor; currently, he works for a local dairy. He enjoys woodcarving, canoe trips, and gardening. Timothy M. McCliggott describes himself as a common laborer. Clearly, hes anything but.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 52