A Reason To Have

By Nung Vie Nhat
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There are only two. Peter and Saraah. Finally, we arrive. With the world at our backs, we have a day to forget and a day to remember. This is important. This is love. Love never came easy. Love never came hard. It just reigned from heaven to be at our side. So why is it so fleeting to be one instead of two?

I am a genuine character. This is my story. I, Peter Bloom, will give my answer. I will give my heart. I will give my all. But why? Why will it happen? To what mystery? Is there a price?

I will find my answer. I will find my avenue. I will find my center.

About the Author

Nung Vie Nhat is committed to his work. He has an entertaining lifestyle and is becoming a well-rounded individual. His writing is a lesson and a gift, stemming from his early years developing his social and reading skills. His knowledge and values are strong and relatable points of attention. To have more in life is the idea, to have it in a day-to-day environment.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 62