A Real Professional Gambler

By Edward Kraus
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A Real Professional Gambler shows how author Edward Kraus discovered mathematical ratios and computations circumscribing advantages of how one overcomes the Las Vegas odds. There are ways to finally hedge set losing percentages that have had the gaming industry taking an unfair advantage from the average gambler, seeking the quest to becoming more than a failure or perhaps defined as a loser in today’s society. Nobody can beat the standard odds of the casinos and betting establishments seen today. This book goes beyond this proven mathematical data or calculated proclamation, reaching out in exploring into another dimension of hedging mathematical known entities as we know them.

About the Author

Edward Kraus has several years of college under his belt, pursuing education. He is a diehard and staunch conservative. He loves and adores the working people in the great state of Texas.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 1234