A Prayer For Momma

By Ruth Finney
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After Johnnys father is killed in a tragic farming accident, he quits school at the tender age of sixteen and begins working at a gas station to support his family. One day, he hears the men at the gas station talking about a local church revival. As his mother never taught him about religion, Johnny wants to know who this man is whom everyone keeps talking about Jesus. When he asks his mother about God, she reveals her bitterness toward God for taking Poppa away. Still interested in learning more about religion, Johnny sneaks away to the revival. He quickly feels at home with his new church friends and finds peace in discovering prayer. After Momma stumbles upon a Bible that Johnny has hidden under a floorboard, his new passion is revealed. Will Momma prohibit Johnny from going to church again? A Prayer for Momma is an inspirational story that tears at readers hearts and reveals that a silver lining lays behind even the greatest of tragedies.

About the Author

A native of Pennsylvania, Ruth Finney lives in Michigan, where she is a welder. She is married to Garry Finney, and they have three children: Timothy Finney, Elizabeth Sigourney, and Kelly McClure. Ruth enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and being an active member of her church.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 38