A Poetic Journey: From Fear - Through Love - To Faith And Felicity

By Ellis Mottur
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The Honorable Edward M. Kennedy: Ellis Motturs A Poetic Journey is a marvelous tale in beautiful verse of an amazing voyage through life to eventual fulfillment through faith, love, and the successful pursuit of happiness. Mottur is also describing the American Dream, and readers will be very inspired by it.

E. J. Dionne Jr., Syndicated Columnist, Author of Souled Out: Walt Whitman said that Seeing, hearing, feeling are miracles, and Ellis Motturs poetry reflects an extraordinary eye for the world, an exceptional ear for our American language, and a searching heart unafraid to grapple with spirituality and emotion. There is beauty here, and also grace. Motturs poetry, like Whitmans, grapples not only with feelings of the moment, but also with the meaning of an historical era that he brings to life in unexpected ways. May many discover the blessing that is this book.

Rector John David van Dooren, Episcopal Church of the Atonement: Motturs writing expresses the heart of a deeply spiritual man, and the magic of his poetry grabs the soul.

The Honorable Michael J. Copps: A Poetic Journey lifted me out of my daily FCC world of bits and bytes and twittering and texting to soar awhile with a searching sojourner intent on understanding and more importantly, appreciating the wonders of the world we all inhabit but so seldom see. Youll laugh and cry, think and feel, crash and soar. Then thank Ellis Mottur for an inspired journey of mind and heart.

Dr. Nathalie F. Anderson, Award Winning Poet, Professor of English Literature, and Director of the Program in Creative Writing, Swarthmore College: Columbus found a world. Like the Renaissance explorer in the poem that introduces this volume, Ellis Mottur finds his own way through deep waters. The poems collected here read like love notes to the world at large. Like Columbus, Mottur is enticed by all he encounters [and] all find their place in his rhymes: Oh World! Oh Heart! Oh distant Love!

Dr. Richard C. Atkinson, President-Emeritus, University of California: In beautiful lyric verse, Motturs journey through life is characterized by an ever evolving optimism. His many career contributions to advancing the science and technology policies of this nation are now superbly complemented by his inspirational insights.

Dr. Richard Farson, President, Western Behavioral Sciences Institute: In beautiful and absorbing verse, Ellis Mottur offers his hand to lead us through the most intimate, troubling, and delightful experiences of his life, and we soon realize of our lives as well. I am so glad I took his hand.

Dr. William R. Ferris, Eminent Professor, University of North Carolina, and former Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities: Ellis Mottur writes movingly about love, faith, and the passing of life in verses that touch the heart.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 74