A Personal Communication With Jesus Christ

By Vilma Y. barnabas, God is Good
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Keren Happuch Smith Fordrinham-Barnabas was an adopted daughter of a wealthy couple, Ana and Herbert. Although under this circumstance in her life, she was blessed with love, care, and understanding from those who adopted her. But among the many values and graces she received from them, strong faith with God was the most fundamental of all she had learned.

Being treated indifferently by her husbandbecause he didnt receive God in his heartand by her biological familydue to envy for the greatness she had experience amidst being adoptedwere the two most painful predicaments she faced in her life. Her constant communication with God through Jesus Christ, however, encouraged her to lead a better life for herself, her mother, her children, and her grandchildren.

Keren became an epitome of unconditional love and faith. She taught all her children and grandchildren the ways on how to communicate with the Lord.

The values and ways she taught them are still being and will be practiced by them even to the generations to follow.

Keren and her mother Anas legacy of Personal Communication with Jesus Christ will forever be imprinted in the hearts of those who follow their paths. What is the legacy by which you live from your ancestors? What will be the legacy you will mark to the future generation?

About the Author

God is good was born and presently resides in Panama. She is an active member of Iglesia Evangelica Metodista La Resureccion. Her desire to let the world know of Gods greatness inspired her to write this book. Aside from writing, she loves listening to spiritual songs.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 54