A Passage Of My Thoughts In Poetry

By Maria C. Morales
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A Passage of My Thoughts in Poetry

A sensitive person is the pulse of life, for he or she feels every beat of emotion in the world around us. And what a good way to express it in poetry.

For life is like a rhythm that sets its own song/There will be rights, and there will be wrongs, Maria C. Morales writes in Someone, which sums up her experiences in life through the verses of each poem in her book, A Passage of My Thoughts in Poetry. Love and despair, sadness and joy, fear of losing someone, and willingness to let goeach layer of emotion, intricately put together to make one whole collection of a good read.

About the Author

Maria C. Morales was born in Weslaco, Texas, but now lives in South Texas, where she also works as an Accounting Technician. She spends her free time writing poetry about her personal experiences and the changes taking place in her surroundings, both of which are depicted in this book.

Published: 2011
Page Count: 74