A Particular Line Of Reasoning: The Origin Of Systemic White Supremacy

By Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed
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About the Book

Today, the United States, and the world, are at the proverbial crossroad. Aryanism is nationally pervasive in US institutions and at all levels of society. The issues confronting us all can no longer be hidden. We must address the United States’ foundation on Aryanism and discuss it openly if we are to make significant changes to our society today.

Within A Particular Line of Reasoning, Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed addresses the history of Aryanism and white supremacy mythology from its Hinduism origin and identifies the many mythologies, philosophies, theologies, pseudoscientific theories, and political ideologies that have been used to hide its primary purpose. Dr. Ahmed uncovers the intellectual energies invested by a vast majority of the population and our institutions to create the myths of racial supremacy into a rational worldview for the sole purpose of labor exploitation and caste/class segregation. This fascinating insight into the growth of the white supremacy myth seeks to eradicate white supremacy through education and inspire real change for our future.

About the Author

Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed was born and raised in Oakland, California. As a student at Merrit College in Oakland in the 1960s, he facilitated a Black Panther Party breakfast for school children program in East Oakland. At the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, he directed community-based alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers in both East Palo Alto and Oakland. He has earned a doctorate in law, a master’s in social science, and a master’s in philosophy and theology and has taught at California State University, Laney, and Chabot Colleges for a combined thirty-four years. 

Published: 2021
Page Count: 194