A Mutt's Mentality: Parent-Teacher Guide And Workbook

By Bill Mess
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A Mutt’s Mentality: A Parent-Teacher Guide and Workbook is a touching tribute to the author’s late father, who taught him the joys of being a “mutt.” Mutts are a mixture. They have many different traits from many different breeds. The message of this story is one of accepting others and seeing the good in everyone you meet.

About the Author

Bill Mess was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1961. He currently resides in Ocala, Florida. He has worked with the elderly in a long-term care facility for over thirty years and finds working with people who have lived long lives to be a very rewarding experience. Mess believes there are positives in every situation; you must search for them sometimes, but they are there, and when you find them, hold on to them and focus on them. Let the negatives go, for it is possible to do this, and those who have lived long lives will confirm this advice.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 40