A Mother's Quest For Justice

By Sheila Roswell
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Fifteen-year-old Anthony Lloyd Roswell was always bullied by others schoolboys. When, just for a few minutes, he acted out of character, when his mother asked him to lower the stereo volume, the police intervened and Anthony was accused of being “violent and aggressive, assaulting a member of the public,” and suspected of another assault. In spite of his mother’s pleas for him to be seen by a medical doctor, Anthony was sent to a psychiatric hospital. Doctors continuously reported he exhibited no psychotic features, yet he was labeled schizophrenic and drugged accordingly.

The two and a half years that followed would prove to be the most trying for his mother, Sheila Roswell. It was a helpless time in her life, as she struggled against doctors and narcoleptic drugs to save her son’s life, eventually failing.

After her son’s untimely death, Sheila remained committed, hoping to get justice through the legal system. It would be an arduous journey hampered by seemingly insurmountable obstacles and stifled by truly horrific setbacks—yet she remained encouraged by the truth: her son’s innocence.

A Mother’s Quest for Justice shows us that corrupt power can be defeated at all levels and the truth is unshakeable. Let no one deter you from finding the truth

About the Author

Sheila Roswell retired from the National Health Services after working forty years as a nursing assistant. She lives an active life. Her hobbies include walking, gardening, flower shows, reading, holidays, and the various concerts. She also attends yoga and Zumba classes and enjoys socializing with family and friends.

Published: 2019
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