A Mindful Life

By Dr. Tom Dickerson
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About the Book

A Mindful Life describes Dr. Tom Dickerson’s search for a lifestyle with peace and balance in today’s world that is so adversarial towards personal freedom and equanimity. In this book, Dr. Dickerson wonders how his childhood sense of being one with the universe—that sense of joy and childhood wonderment—became corrupted into a modern-day adulthood of worry, anger, and victimization, with indescribable sadness, anxiety, depression, and failed relationships. He mourns the search for acceptance that transforms twenty-first-century adults into status quo slaves, following the herd, and making choices according to unrealistic assumptions and judgments. Dr. Dickerson explains how he realized that returning to his childhood sense of openness was going to require more than a simple decision. He was going to need to delve deep into his own psyche, to obtain an in-depth understanding of his essence, and develop the mindfulness, self-awareness, strength, and courage to achieve a mindful life. This book offers insight and practical advice everyone can use.

About the Author

At seventeen, Dr. Tom Dickerson had a driving desire to understand life, but this knowledge was not an element of his education. After high school, he became homeless, and became acutely aware of his need to seek knowledge for himself, and of himself, if he were to succeed. He went on to become a member of the US Air Force, and military life prompted formal education and a professional career in nursing, business, and philosophy. The years that followed, he began a journey of self-development and lived in crisis management, reacting to the moment without a plan. With the help of an Okinawan monk, he began to turn his life around to become a well-educated registered nurse, hospital administrator, emergency psych clinical supervisor, and business owner.

Dr. Dickerson enjoys riding, water, and being in nature.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 240