A Medley Of Yesteryears: Escapades Of A Delinquent Orphan: An 'Oliver-Twist-On-Steroids' Type Of Adventure

By Glendon Jack McMahon
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A Medley of Yesteryears

About the Book

A Medley of Yesteryears chronicles the first two decades in the life of now ninety-one year old Glendon McMahon. All the tales within are true, though to protect the dignity and innocence of childhood, some details have been sanitized.

About the Author

Glendon McMahon was born in the hills of East Fairfield, Vermont as the middle child of a family of nine on a very cold December day during the Great Depression. He was able to pass all nine grades of his formal education and because of many wonderful people has achieved many titles and positions. This book tells more about the rest of his life.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 210