A Little Angel Dressed In Red

By Linda J. Lockhart
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This charming poem tells the story of the little angel who watches the Baby Jesus grow into a man and who struggles to understand the basic message of Christ. He watches the Passion unfold with horror and concern, but finally comes to the answer that we must all seek to submit to Gods will and emulate Christ rather than seeking worldly solutions. Written from the perspective of a child, A Little Angel Dressed in Red puts the young reader in the position of the little angel to learn Christs message. Read this poem with the children you love and you will all be inspired to grown in the faith.

About the Author

Linda J. Lockhart is a lifelong native of Alabama, presently living in Madison with her husband, Bill. They have two daughters and now grandchildren, for whom this poem was written. She is active in her church and volunteers for a nursing home program, which is no hardship as she enjoys visiting with the old folks, especially now that she is becoming one of them. She also enjoys children and animals. Her hobbies include music, art, and reading, at least when she can find the time. Her arm chair team cheering preference is the Crimson Tide.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32