A Lifetime Changed

By Shayna Ramos
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Join Max, Alex, and Jack on their crazy adventure. They have just been brought back together again with their parents, and now they must learn to work with one another to get through, in order to make the world around them right again. They soon discover that all three boys share a pertinent role in the mission, and that they are each important in their own way. The boys endure surprises and changes at every turn and meet some interesting characters along the way to help them.

About the Author

Shayna Ramos considers herself a very creative person. She likes to spend her time supporting various fundraisers that focus on cures for cancer. She can be found enjoying herself on the beach in search of sea glass and shells or doing various crafts such as making bracelets. She enjoys reading and likes writing stories that captivate her readers.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 252