A Lick And A Promise

By Mari Miller
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The Little Lucy Series, of which A Lick and a Promise is the first, grew out of the author’s passion to play with and understand words. Written in honor of her mother (Lucy), who passed away in December 2009, many of the idioms and expressions in A Lick and a Promise are from her mother’s stories and songs. This book is not just a children’s story—it is a story that inspires dialogue across generations, as Lucy tries to understand the seemingly nonsensical sayings her Grammy and Papa frequently use.

Future books in the Little Lucy Series include Busy Bee Hill, which takes place during winter and focuses on Lucy’s sledding adventures; Wrinkles of Time, which takes place during spring and lets Lucy hear the stories that gave Grammy and Papa their well-deserved laugh- and worry-lines; and a yet-to-be-determined fourth book, set during the summer.

About the Author

Mari Miller has been observing and writing about the world since she was six, and reading those stories to her classmates sealed her fate as a teacher. She loves exploring human relationships as well as why and how people use words, and she has been helping students to do the same since 1990. Nature figures strongly into her stories and poetry. Whether hiking or snow-shoeing, she finds the expression Solvitur ambulando rings true. Her other creative outlet is playing the piano, which has allowed her to accompany her daughters’ singing over the years. It is of her two daughters that she is most proud. They are strong, intelligent, and independent young women who inspire her every day.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32