A Knight's Journey!

By Dean O'Quinn
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A Knight's Journey! is a tale about a man's search for redemption as he struggles through both the horrid effects of panic disorder and PTSD. He is propelled through harsh, dangerous journeys to find courage, self-discovery, and love. Throughout the years, he has been haunted by a mysterious medieval knight who needs his help to find his own path to forgiveness. The engaging and inspirational story is told against the backdrop of the history of the Tower of London and results in a life-altering battle between the historical figures associated with it.

About the Author

Dean O'Quinn grew up on a farm/ranch in Montana and has always enjoyed the outdoors that this beautiful state has to offer. Because of a head injury sustained in college, he has suffered from panic disorder and PTSD for the last thirty years. In the past seven years, he also sustained injuries in four serious accidents. These injuries include a broken back, his sixth concussion, a skull fracture, his second TBI (traumatic brain injury), and a surgically replaced shoulder which is all metal now. These injuries landed him in a nursing home for a year. That is where he wrote this novel as a form of therapy to strengthen his replaced shoulder and to keep his mind sharp. He wants to help other people overcome similar issues with the same therapy program that he came up with for himself. He showed the progress in his own health through his writing, and this has become the culmination of his journey. His therapy creation is named "The Write Therapy," and this program is designed to help all people who are struggling these days. The first book that was published in this writing program is titled The Soldiers Who Ate Rattlesnakes and shows the beginning of this inspirational journey toward better health!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 384