A Journeyed Lifetime Within 33 Years

By Jennifer Parks
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This is an analytical story about one person’s lifetime of adventure. It is a longer story made up of smaller stories, ranging from funny to provocative, and some more serious in nature. This book is to let you know that it is OK to open up about things, even if they are not publicly accepted. Life is not easy, and it is very much a journey of self-discovery, and forming your own person. To make mistakes is natural, but to have conflicting thoughts and feelings is also so pertinent in today’s culture.

About the Author

Jennifer Parks dedicated her life to helping those in need. Her work helps provide services to people with disabilities, and she spends her time advocating in court for children so that they, too, have a voice. Jennifer has also worked in a residential youth community. She has served her country and has volunteered with the Department of Defense. She has done much traveling, and has seen Northern Ireland, Indonesia, Spain, as well as multiple other countries.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 176