A Journey To The Woman Within

By Tre’Nise Jemel
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This book of poetry promotes self-love, self-respect, and self-worth in women. Tre’Nise Jemel wants to help women find and love themselves from the inside out. She went through an abusive and controlling relationship as well as a series of dead-end relationships that left her empty and wanting something better for herself. She believed she went through this as a result of not loving, knowing, or respecting herself enough to know she deserved better.

After finding herself heartbroken and empty repeatedly, Jemel found herself in Christ. In Him she found solace and through her writing she found peace. Her hope for this book is that readers take her experiences and her pain and learn that loving and finding one’s self is critical to being happy.

About the Author

Tre’Nise Jemel is a graduate student pursuing her MSW (Master of Social Work) degree with hopes of working with children and families. She believes in empowering and advocating for people who cannot do it for themselves. She finds meaning in working with children who have been in vulnerable situations, such as various types of abuse, and their families because the development of one’s self starts at home. With her own past experiences as a victim of domestic abuse, she would also like to work with victims of domestic violence, helping to inspire women to find love for themselves and find the strength to change their situations. Family is her greatest joy, and she cannot wait for the day that she becomes a wife and mother.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 36