A Journey From Sunshine To Shadow

By Paris L Bump
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About the Book

A Journey from Sunshine to Shadow illuminates the tragic and painful journey travelled by a victim of Alzheimer’s and the loved ones who witness the slow decline and final days of her life. The general public knows little about Alzheimer’s and even less about why so little funding and research is devoted to its prevention and cure. Considering the rapid aging and demographics of the population, it should be obvious that public funding for this disease is grossly inadequate. The brilliant woman portrayed in this book was afflicted at age sixty-four and passed away two months short of her seventy-first birthday. Without the help and support of the several loyal women who provided care and assistance through the years of suffering and anguish endured by this dear woman, the toll on the author would have been unbearable. There are more good and kind people around us than we realize—more than some would have us believe.

About the Author

Paris L. Bump is descended from Edward Bompasse, a passenger on the Good Fortune, which landed in Plymouth, nine months after the Mayflower. His mother’s father was the son of a full-blooded Narragansett Indian—Hattie Bullock. Bump is proud of his Native blood.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 92