A Hated Man: With No One To Blame But Me

By Don Wilmoth
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Marriages, families and even friendships are under attack and the damage, both direct and collateral, is shocking. The enemy is infidelity. Hey guys, we know it’s wrong, hurtful and costly and yet we keep doing it. What is wrong with us? I did it and I’d give anything to undo it! With a heavy dose of self-deprecating honesty, A Hated Man attempts to strip away the appealing façade of CHEATING to reveal its tragic, deplorable and even unexpected outcomes. Whether secular minded, spiritual or undecided every husband and future husband will benefit from reading A Hated Man.

About the Author

The author is retired after thirty years in corporate management and over forty years serving in a variety of roles in a variety of Churches. Some of these as a volunteer and others as a paid staff member. In all cases his focus was on teaching for which he is very passionate. He’s just a regular guy who has gone through all the same ups and downs of life that others have. He is certain that many readers will relate to his specific experiences. He is even more certain that all readers can benefit from the principles presented in this book, the ones that he followed and the ones he did not. He is by admission a flawed follower of Jesus Christ. He believes the Bible but does not promote a religion. He loves his family and he wrote this book for men who love theirs.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 120