A Guidebook For Advanced Composition And Textual Analysis

By John C. Rasmussen
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The Guidebook was designed with the non-traditional student in mind. It addresses the needs of those students returning to college after being out of school for some time as a result of raising a family, work, military, or other break from the traditional four-year pattern.

The Guidebook begins with basic composition skills and then builds on them to lead students to graduate level effectiveness. Students will discover advanced composition skills are really basic skills that pay attention to additional considerations of composition. Because each consideration is a step to the next, students will find the road to advanced composition manageable and obtainable.

About the Author

Dr. John C. Rasmussen retired as Professor of English from The Robert B. Miller College in Battle Creek, Michigan in 2016. He has taught at Western Michigan University in the Graduate Department of Education, consulted for Michigan Schools in the Middle as an Academic and Literacy Coach, and was a classroom teacher, principal, and English curriculum coordinator in the Battle Creek Public Schools.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 115