A Guide For Parents And Teachers To Help Dyslexic Children To Read And Write: Which Witch Ate The Sandwich?

By Ans van Tienhoven
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When Ans van Tienhoven found her son was dyslexic, she developed her own system to help him to read and to spell. She continued working in this field and developed and refined her system. Now, nearly forty years and about two hundred students later, she has distilled the essence of her system and presents it here. Here system is clear, concise, and above all practical. This is a very hands-on: approach to the problems of helping a dyslexic child. Her examples are well thought out, and designed for immediate practical use. This book belongs in every home with a dyslexia problem.

About the Author

Ans van Tienhoven is a native of the Netherlands. She grew up during World War II and developed extraordinary language skills, being fluent in Dutch, German, English, and French. After working for an international cooperation, she came to the U.S., married, and settled here. She has three children, the last of whom set her on the path of tutoring dyslexics. She is also involved in research, and is co-author of Asdells Patterns of Mammalian Reproduction (Cornell University Press), with her husband, Ari van Tienhoven, and Virginia Hayssen.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 86