A Grandfather Speaks: A Message From The Heart

By William M. Hitt
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As sand through an hourglass, Americas spiritual knowledge of God is running out. A Grandfather Speaks: A Message from the Heart turns over the hourglass, restoring respect and honor to God and bringing a spiritual awakening to those searching for truth and understanding of Gods love and amazing grace. Along the way, the authors life experience, knowledge, and spiritual insights emerge as he journeys from a boy of ten to a sixty-three-year-old grandfather. Here are death, adventure, love, miracles, Jesus, creation, evil, human suffering, freedom, faith, eternal life, and a defining dream, with Biblical verse added for spiritual truth.

About the Author

For twenty-two years, William M. Hitt was a firefighter in Martinez, California, where he was born in Antioch and raised in Martinez. He earned a bachelor of arts degree at St. Marys College, Moraga, California, and an earlier associate of arts degree at Diablo Valley College. William has also studied Biblical literature at Simpson College and engineering at the University of Missouri and other institutions. After service in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, he returned to fire fighting in California until retirement in 1986. Today, William is the owner/manager of his own tax-preparation office, preparing state and federal tax returns for individuals and small businesses. His special interests are his grandchildren, literature, sports, movies, politics, and -most importantly- God.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 122